Flexo Concepts’ exclusive TruPoint DuraPoint™ blade is a next-generation UHMW doctor blade with a proprietary high-density formulation for superior blade life and enhanced graphics. Used in applications that require extended blade life, DuraPoint has been shown to last 25-30% longer than traditional UHMW products and is a direct replacement as both a metering and a containment blade.

Upgrade from UHMW to DuraPoint

DuraPoint’s construction makes it ideal for printers who produce moderate graphics but want the added benefit of longer blade life. The properties of the material allow it to maintain more consistent metering throughout the life of the blade for increased graphics requirements. By upgrading To DuraPoint, corrugated printers can increase press uptime while maintaining all the benefits provided by traditional UHMW.

DuraPoint is available in the same widths and thicknesses as Flexo Concepts’ UHMW blade and offers a drop-in replacement for standard UHMW. The blade fits in existing blade clamp configurations, requiring no shims or modifications to the holder.

Flexo Concepts is the leading global supplier of UHMW products. DuraPoint and Green are the company’s premier products for corrugated applications that demand longer blade life and enhanced graphics.


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