Solutions for Coating and Lamination Processes

TruPoint doctor blades are used very commonly in the coating and laminating processes for papers, films, towel, tissue, and just about any other substrate you can think of. While many of these processes are unique from one another, they all have a common need for a high performance, non-metallic doctor blade. Non-metallic blade options offer the best possible abrasion, corrosion, and heat resistance. 

Coating & Lamination Market
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Getting the Best Blade Life

Whether you’re producing paper towels or polypropylene films, you know that getting the most out of each doctor blade is essential. Press uptime is king. That’s why having a wide range of plastic doctor blade options is essential. High performance plastics offer the lowest possible friction with your roller or cylinder, and keep you running longer. 

Common Doctor Blade Configurations

We promote a broad range of plastics for coating and laminating applications. Many of these applications are unique in nature, so some require something with maximized wear resistance like UHMW. Others call for plastics that possess the best possible stiffness rating like TruPoint Orange or Edge. And then others require plastics that are resistant to certain chemicals and/or high temperature formulations. This is where our Keon material comes into play. 

Doctor Blade Angle Configuration

The TruPoint Doctor Blade Advantage

Flexo Concepts produces a number of TruPoint doctor blade products ideal for each and every coating or laminating application. They are designed to provide consistent results and long-lasting performance. Products like TruPoint UHMW, Orange, Edge, and Keon offer different performance characteristics such as stiffness, wear, creep, or resistance to certain chemicals or temperatures. They are also available in a range of thicknesses and profiles.

TruPoint Keon Doctor Blade

An elite doctor blade used for high speed, high temperatures and aggressive chemicals.

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TruPoint Edge Doctor Blade

The ultimate steel alternative featuring superior stiffness & unmatched blade life.

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TruPoint Orange Doctor Blade

The Industry standard for plastic blades – Excellent performance, safety, and stiffness.

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