Flexo Concepts is a global manufacturer of doctor blades for precision metering, wiping and cleaning.  We offer high-quality solutions for companies that print, applying coatings, or are engaged in other continuous production processes.  TruPoint plastic doctor blades are produced in our Massachusetts headquarters and distributed to customers around the world.

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The TruPoint Doctor Blade Advantage

Printers in facilities all around the world have switched to TruPoint plastic doctor blades for the quality, safety and innovation of the blade products as well as the amazing level of service and technical expertise provided by the FC Team.

Compared to traditional steel doctor blades, TruPoint plastic doctor blades:

  • Extend doctor blade life
  • Eliminate anilox roll scoring & premature wear
  • Improve safety in your facility
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What TruPoint Customers Are Saying

“Trupoint Orange® blades are reliable, hard wearing, easy to use and safe to handle. We supply this blade with all our new presses. When working with suppliers, we look for innovative companies that always put the customer first. We see those shared values in Flexo Concepts, have enjoyed working with them and look forward to growing the partnership”

Focus Label MachineryDavid Lee
Technical Sales Director
Focus Label Machinery

“H.S. Crocker is serious when it comes to quality, that is why we switched to TruPoint Orange® Doctor Blades. They also last longer and are safer to handle than steel. Flexo Concepts continues to set the bar high with its innovative products and custom tailored solutions. Thanks Flexo Concepts for being our Doctor Blade partner!”

Geoff Zivic
Manufacturing Coordinator
H.S. Crocker Co., Inc.

“After trying different doctor blade options, we found that TruPoint Orange® did the best job of maximizing the value and performance of our coating equipment. With Orange, you not only get a longer blade life, but you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself like you do with steel. We are confident that this is the right doctor blade for us, we ship every new installation with TruPoint Orange®.”

ABG InternationalMatt Pilling
Test & Development Manager
AB Graphic Intl.

Doctor Blade Resources

We take pride in our consultative approach to doctor blades. We don’t just sell blades, we provide you with the industry and technical knowledge you need to achieve success.


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