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High Performance Doctor Blades
For Roll Doctoring and Cleaning.

For more than 30 years Flexo Concepts has been a leader in doctor blade innovation. Whether your application requires a standard product or a custom engineered solution, we will help you find the right solution for your application.

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TruPoint Doctor Blades

Designed to enhance your coating, printing and converting processes. TruPoint doctor blade portfolio is the choice for so many industry leaders, OEMs, and engineers worldwide.

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FC Marketplace

Shop, pay, and track your TruPoint Doctor Blades online!
Get real time quoting and material availability, access to a detailed purchase history, and live customer service chat.

Introducing FC Marketplace
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Voices of Success!

Here's what our TruPoint customers are saying:

Jeancarlo Filho
Jeancarlo Filho
Operations Director

"The Flexo Concepts team is extremely helpful, they helped me through the complete buying process. Even being from Brazil, I didn't struggle to buy from them."

Eric Milan
Eric Milan
Production Manager

"TruPoint Orange Doctor Blades from Flexo Concepts are the game changer we've all been looking for. From a safety standpoint it is a win-win. No more sharp steel blades to worry about. Whether you are using chambered doctor blade systems or open pans with doctor blade holders, you will want to give these a try!"

Dan Spurling
Dan Spurling
Digital Production Manager

"Our experience with Flexo Concepts has been nothing but exceptional. They have gone the extra mile to find a solution to our challenges. We highly recommend the plastic blades over metal. Plastic blades have a much longer lifespan and they are much safter to handle."