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Sheetfed offset printers are choosing TruPoint polymer doctor blades for their in-line anilox tower coating units to ensure consistent coating quality, extend blade life, improve safety and increase profitability.  TruPoint doctor blade solutions for Offset Printing are designed to replace steel and withstand increasing press speeds and resist the aggressive chemical properties of specialty coatings such as soft touch, metallic, glitter, sand, dull, tactile, satin and more.   TruPoint doctor blades are tailored to meter the anilox line screens found in anilox tower coaters and are a safe alternative to steel. Take a look at the TruPoint Doctor Blade Solutions for the Sheetfed Offset Printing industry and request a Free TruPoint Doctor Blade Sample today!

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Compatible OEMs

TruPoint doctor blades have proven to be successful on various machines manufactured by the following OEMs & more: