Advanced Doctor Blade Solutions
Elevate The Precision & Quality Of Your Sheetfed Offset Printing

TruPoint Doctor Blades, compatible with a range of anilox tower coaters, guarantee the precise and uniform application of specialty coatings, including soft-touch, metallic, glitter, sand, dull, tactile, satin, and more.

sheetfed offset Print Solutions
Sheetfed offset printer
Efficiency and Performance
Conquer Sheetfed Printing Challenges with TruPoint

If you’re a sheetfed offset printer struggling with common challenges like frequent blade changes, ink buildup, uneven wear, and poor ink transfer, look no further than our TruPoint doctor blades, engineered and optimized for

Superior Blade Life

Improve Pressroom Safety

Optimal Coating Laydown

Common Doctor Blade Configurations

At Flexo Concepts, we understand that the challenges of accurately metering a wide range of anilox roll volumes. From low volume, standard coating lay downs to high volume, specialty coating laydowns we have the right tools for the job. With tried and true materials like TruPoint Orange , and new innovations like TruPoint Edge, we can get the proper metering instrument in your hands for best results.

All our materials offer the option for radiational beveled edges (15, 22, and 30 degrees) as well as our specialized lamella edge – MicroTip® edge technology. No matter the coating and anilox combination, we can use this wide range of capabilities to get the best coating laydown possible with the fewest blade changes possible.

TruPoint Doctor Blades for Sheetfed Offset Presses

Flexo Concepts produces a number of TruPoint doctor blade products that can withstand the increasing press speeds and aggressive chemical properties of specialty coatings such as soft touch, metallic, glitter, sand, dull, tactile, satin, and more. 

Latest Innovation

TruPoint Edge Doctor Blade
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Industry Standard

TruPoint Orange Doctor Blade
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#1 Choice For Containment

TruPoint Polyester Containment Doctor Blade
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