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Flexo Concepts provides the Corrugated Printing industry with innovative doctor blade solutions designed to help you print smarter. Being the first company to develop a beveled edge on a UHMW doctor blade, Flexo Concepts is the world’s largest supplier of UHMW doctor blade products and a global leader in doctor blade innovation. You may be familiar with the UHMW doctor blade if you produce simple corrugated graphics. However, as the corrugated printing industry rapidly evolves, corrugated graphics requirements have become more demanding and Flexo Concepts is leading the innovation of corrugated doctor blades, with solutions such as TruPoint Green and TruPoint DuraPoint. Flexo Concepts is a proud member of multiple Corrugated Printing Trade Associations including, FEFCO, AICC, TAPPI, and more. Request a Free TruPoint doctor blade sample.

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