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Flexo Concepts has lead the corrugated box printing market since Bob Thompson introduced TruPoint UHMW in 1988. This advancement aided the industry’s transition from roll to roll ink metering to doctor blade ink metering. Since those early beginnings, corrugated printers have evolved significantly in terms of increasing print quality capabilities.

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Blade Life & Metering Quality

Early users of doctor blades in corrugated printing focused almost exclusively on blade life.  In more recent years as graphic requirements for boxes and corrugated displays have increased, printers have looked for products that combine blade wear with higher graphic capabilities.  In 2018 Flexo Concepts introduced TruPoint Green as a solution for this growing need.

Common Doctor Blade Configurations

Corrugated printing presses typically utilize a single, reverse angle blade or an enclosed doctor blade chamber. TruPoint doctor blades are compatible with these configurations and are made in a range of materials, thicknesses, and edge profiles. Many materials are thick and offer great wear resistance, yet have profiles that provide excellent ink metering.

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TruPoint doctor blades
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Advantages of TruPoint Doctor Blades

Flexo Concepts produces a number of doctor blade products ideal for production of printed corrugated boxes. TruPoint UHMW is the original plastic doctor blade, yielding maximum blade life over long production runs.  TruPoint Green was added when printer’s were seeking an alternative to UHMW for demanding graphic requirements.

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