Solutions For Lithium-Ion Battery Production

In Separator Film Manufacturing, Electrode Coatings Application, and Calendar Roll Cleaning, the common thread is the need for a plastic doctor blade. The utilization of steel doctor blades poses risks to the lithium-ion production process and the final product’s safety. With steel blades, the gradual wear introduces metallic micro-particles, causing contamination that can lead to thermal runaway. This, in turn, jeopardizes the storage and performance of lithium-ion batteries.

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Lithium-Ion Battery Production Process

Eliminate Steel Doctor Blade Particles When Manufacturing

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Common Doctor Blade Configurations

Although lithium batteries are a new technology, the methods being used for applying coatings during their production process are time tested. Both reverse angle and positive-angle metering blade configurations are used In either direction, high performance polymers with great stiffness and wear properties are required to coat consistently and reduce the number of blade changes.

Doctor Blade Angle Configuration

The TruPoint Doctor Blade Advantage

Plastic doctor blades — inert and non-conductive materials that guarantee a seamless and safe production process for your lithium-ion applications. Flexo Concepts produces a number of doctor blade products ideal for production of high-quality Lithium-ion batteries.

TruPoint Keon Doctor Blade

An elite doctor blade used for high speed, high temperatures and aggressive chemicals.

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TruPoint Polylam Doctor Blade

Thin, stiff and has good resistance to various chemical and coating formulas.

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TruPoint Edge Doctor Blade

The ultimate steel alternative featuring superior stiffness & unmatched blade life.

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TruPoint Orange Doctor Blade

The Industry standard for plastic blades – Excellent performance, safety, and stiffness.

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