The Most Innovative
Doctor Blades
In The World

TruPoint doctor blades are developed in our Innovation Lab, designed specifically to outperform traditional steel doctor blades in virtually every category including blade life, metering precision, anilox wear and scoring, safety, temperature, and chemical resistance.

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Which Doctor Blade is right for you?

All doctor blades are not created equal, and the same doctor blade material can perform differently depending on application variables like speed, surface roughness, ink or coating abrasiveness, or the surface being cleaned. To help find the right product in our portfolio we’ve created a rating system (1-5) for different performance characteristics including stiffness, creep, metering, and wear.

These ratings are guidelines and performance will vary based on operating conditions, but they do serve as a guide to give you a relative comparison across products.

One way to make a stiff doctor blade is to make it thick. We pride ourselves on offering several thin, stiff doctor blades. A rating of 5 in this category means very stiff, which typically translates into excellent sheering action from the blade. The rankings below were calculated based on stiffness after running on a press for 1 hour.

Creep is the tendency of a material to bend or deform permanently under mechanical load.  A high creep rating means the degree of “spring” or contact pressure from the blade doesn’t diminish significantly over time, leading to sustained high quality metering. The tendency to creep can be impacted by the thickness of the material. 

The ability to control the quantity and uniformity of fluid (ink & coatings) transferred. The higher the rating, the more effective the blade is at ensuring a clean, consistent, and precise transfer takes place. 

Application conditions dramatically impact wear or the “durability of any doctor blade material.  Many materials have high wear rates, buy only premium products are able to combine high wear and high quality metering.

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An elite doctor blade used for high speed, high temperatures and aggressive chemicals.

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The TruPoint Polylam doctor blade is thin, stiff and has good resistance to various chemical and coating formulas.

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This advanced polymer material combined with our MicroTip technology is a safe, high-performing alternative to steel.

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The TruPoint Renew doctor blade is stiff, durable, and resists mechanical creep, allowing for better wiping and cleaning throughout the entire life of the blade.

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TruPoint Polyester

Ideal for use as a containment blade in chambered doctor blade configurations.
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A premium, high-performance eco-friendly doctor blade for high quality corrugated print.

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An economic choice for moderate graphic and longevity requirements.
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An exclusive upgrade to traditional UHMW, reinforced for longer-lasting results.
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The OG. The first TruPoint doctor blade, constructed from Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene. This product launched Flexo Concepts and has become the standard in for printer and OEMs in the corrugated printing market.

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