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Flexible Packaging Printers all around the world are increasingly removing steel doctor blades from their pressroom and turning to Flexo Concepts for the innovation, safety and quality of our TruPoint doctor blades. There is finally a polymer doctor blade capable of metering the high line screen anilox rolls found within Wide Web Printing! Flexo Printers now have access to all the benefits of polymer doctor blades – eliminate anilox scoring, longer blade life, and press room safety! As an industry leader for over 30 years, Flexo Concepts offers extensive knowledge in the Wide Web Printing industry and is a proud member of multiple Trade Associations. Take a look at the TruPoint Doctor Blade Solutions for the Wide Web Printing industry and request a Free TruPoint Doctor Blade Sample today!

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TruPoint doctor blades have proven to be successful on various machines manufactured by the following OEMs & more: