As part of a program to expand doctor blade options for its chamber users, TRESU has introduced a modification to its P-Line Clamp System to fit TruPoint safer and longer-lasting doctor blades – the Series XL Blade Holder.

TRESU’s Chamber Doctor Blade Systems were originally created for use with steel doctor blades. However, to address the increasing demand for plastic doctor blades, TRESU worked closely with Flexo Concepts to develop the exclusive new Series XL Blade Holder. The interchangeable quick-change clamp apparatus can accept slightly thicker (up to .050” or 1.25mm) TruPoint doctor blades, giving printers access to a much wider variety of blade options. Those who prefer plastic blades over steel – whether to improve safety, extend blade life or solve problems – have the flexibility to switch back and forth between materials based on job requirements.

Like its E-Line system, which replaced screws with a more efficient eccentric locking mechanism, TRESU’s P-Line clamping system uses air instead of screws to lock the blade in place. The design allows for fast, tool-free blade replacement in corrugated applications where the ink delivery systems contain long chambers and blade changes are time-consuming.

Why use TruPoint Blades over Steel?

With growing pressure on box makers to produce packages that are both functional and appealing to consumers, corrugated printers are challenged with finding a doctor blade that can deliver predictable ink density and color control. Unfortunately, traditional UHMW blades cannot meter mid-level line screen anilox rolls required in these applications effectively. The contact area of the blade grows too quickly, and print quality rapidly deteriorates. Complicating the situation is UHMW’s poor creep, or its ability to maintain force under pressure without bending. Often, press operators try to correct the problem by increasing blade pressure but doing this leads to accelerated blade and anilox wear.

For printers who don’t want to switch to steel in these applications, TruPoint Orange and Green blades provide the perfect solution – effective metering, longer blade life and safe handling. The blades are highly abrasion-resistant and chemically compatible with all ink and coating formulas. As an added bonus, TruPoint blades are safer than steel on anilox rolls – there are no metal slivers that can cause scoring.

As it did for label printers using the E-Line Clamping System, the new Series XL Blade Holder gives P-Line users a quick and easy way to change blades along with the flexibility to choose steel or TruPoint blades based on the needs of their jobs. No modifications to the chamber are required to retrofit the new clamp system into existing flexo printing units.

Watch how easy it is to change a blade with the P-Line clamping system!

Learn how the E-Line clamping system gives narrow web printers access to TruPoint doctor blades.

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