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Flexible Packaging Printers all around the world are increasingly removing steel doctor blades from their pressroom and turning to Flexo Concepts for the innovation, safety and quality of our TruPoint doctor blades. There is finally a range of polymer doctor blades capable of high performance in wide web printing applications.  

Wide Web Flexible Packaging
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Improved Safety and Better White Ink Performance

The two doctor blade challenges that come up most commonly in wide web print conversations are the dangerous nature of worn steel doctor blades. And also the challenge that white inks present to traditional doctor blades. Well, you’ve come to the right place. High performance plastic doctor blades can wear down and remain safe to the touch removing the need for expensive PPE. What about white inks? Plastics help there too. As most have experienced, white ink is aggressive toward doctor blades in ways that other ink formulations are not. Plastic is actually most resistant to the tough pigment that steel, and will offer some relief to frequent blade changes. 

Common Doctor Blade Configurations For Wide Web

While many plastic doctor blades of the past didn’t hold up on wider presses at higher speeds, the new TruPoint portfolio of products offers Edge, PolyLam, and Orange that will pass the test. Each is available with a multitude of edge profile options to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. 

common configuration doctor blade

TRUpoint医生刀片 优势

Tested at length in the Flexo Concepts Innovation Lab, as well as at customer sites, TruPoint products offer consistent results and longlasting performance. Materials like TruPointEdge, PolyLam, and Orange offer wide web printers options to solve common pressroom problems like safety concerns, frequent blade changes, and they can even extend the life of an anilox roll.

TRUpointPolylam 医生刀片

Thin, stiff and has good resistance to various chemical and coating formulas.

TRUpoint 边缘医生刀片

终极钢材替代品具有卓越的硬度和 无与伦比的刀片寿命。

TRUpointOrange 医生刀片



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