Steel doctor blades are responsible for a large number of pressroom injuries each year. According to the USBLS, hand and wrist accidents are the most expensive emergency department injuries, costing companies $740 million every year!

机器停机、设备维修、工人赔偿、保险费、新员工培训、事故调查、实施纠正程序、降低员工生产率以及修复受损的企业声誉,所有这些都是造成钢材医生刀片 伤害的巨大成本。

Download The [Hidden] Costs of Using Steel Doctor Blades  white paper to:

  • understand the financial risks associated with steel doctor blades in the press room,
  • discover the science behind steel doctor blade injuries,
  • explore your options for preventing steel doctor blade injuries, and
  • learn how to eliminate steel doctor blade injuries from your press room indefinitely.

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