Plymouth, MA, July 17, 2019. Flexo Concepts® is excited to add Rhyguan to its list of equipment manufacturers who are shipping the TruPoint Orange doctor blade standard with new installations.

Among many OEMs worldwide that ship Orange with new units, Rhyguan is the first in China to partner with Flexo Concepts in this way. Its engineers recognize the benefits of Orange as a replacement for steel in solving customers’ problems with UV ink spitting. Unlike steel, a combination of material composition and MicroTip® enable the Orange blade to effectively control the lay-down of higher-viscosity inks and coatings without slinging and spraying.

Rhyguan is a market-leading converting equipment manufacturer based in China with strong regional sales networks throughout the world. The company’s product offerings range from small slitter re-winders to large digital converting units. All machinery is CE certified in compliance with European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

To learn more about TruPoint Orange or request a blade sample, visit Flexo Concepts at To access a complete press kit, go to 

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