Solutions for Narrow Web Printing

Flexo Concepts redefined the use of plastic doctor blades for narrow web printing with the introduction of its MicroTip profile in 2014. Until that point, steel was the only doctor blade material available for printers who made food & beverage, pet food, medical & pharmaceutical, chemical products, textiles & apparel, health & beauty, or cosmetics packaging. As the narrow web printing industry continues to evolve Flexo Concepts has kept pace with continued innovation for the market sector.

Labels printed narrow web

UV Ink Spitting & Anilox Scoring

In addition to addressing everyday needs, TruPoint doctor blades consistently solve two problems that have long plagued narrow web printers; anilox roll scoring and ink spitting. Using plastic doctor blades eliminates steel particulate, one of the leading causes of anilox roll scoring. Plastic doctor blades can also reduce or eliminate ink spitting with UV inks because of the higher lower surface energy of the polymer material.

常见医生刀片 配置

Narrow-web presses typically utilize a single, reverse angle blade or a enclosed doctor blade “chamber”. TruPoint doctor blades are compatible with these configurations and others and are made in a range of materials, thicknesses, and edge profiles. Many materials are thin & stiff, and resist mechanical creep. They also offer customizable edge profiles to ensure the best performance on each and every anilox and ink combination.

In addition, our TruPoint Orange doctor blades feature MicroTip Technology which is designed to provide superior performance in narrow web presses. It is engineered to provide a consistent, even film of ink or coating across the anilox roll. The MicroTip is designed to reduce the amount of ink or coating that is wasted, resulting in a more efficient and productive narrow web press. Additionally, we can customize the MicroTip to meet your specific ink, coating, or anilox needs.

可用于 TRUpoint 的微型喷嘴Orange

TRUpoint医生刀片 优势

Flexo Concepts produces a number of doctor blade products ideal for production of high-quality tags and labels. TruPoint Orange was specially engineered for this market in 2014, and introduced our MicroTip® edge technology.  This lamella tipped doctor blade has become the standard for many printers and OEMs in this space.  Our newest innovation TruPoint Keon, increases performance further by elevating stiffness, chemical, and heat resistance to the highest in the TruPoint product family.

TRUpointKeon 医生刀片

医生刀片 是用于高速、高温和腐蚀性化学品的精英产品。

TRUpoint 边缘医生刀片

终极钢材替代品具有卓越的硬度和 无与伦比的刀片寿命。

TRUpointOrange 医生刀片



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