Solutions for Specialty Applications

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Medical Coating Blade Metal Decorating
Non-Metallic Scraper
Food Processing Blade
Custom Doctor Blades Roll Cleaning Scraper
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Please Note: your FC Consultant may recommend a TruPoint doctor blade that is not listed above. For Specialty Applications, it is best to discuss your process, needs and doctor blade goals with your FC Consultant prior to ordering a TruPoint doctor blade – you can do so by Requesting a Free TruPoint Doctor Blade Trial today.

Doctor Blade Resources

Flexo Concepts manufactures TruPoint non-metallic doctor blades for any application process that utilizes a blade for metering, containment, cleaning or scraping. TruPoint polymer doctor blades have been used successfully for various specialty applications, such as 3D printing, medical coatings, roll cleaning,  food processing, furniture finishing, metal decorating and more. Whether it is a niche market, a custom machine or a unique process, our Flexo Concepts Consultants will work with your team to find the right doctor blade solution for your specialty application.

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