Sistemas Inelme has been named an exclusive distributor of TruPoint doctor blades in Spain and Portugal. The company is the latest in a series of exclusive resellers around the world signed by Flexo Concepts™ to represent its TruPoint brand.

Despite the ailing local economy, Flexo Concepts’ VP of Sales, Chris Nolin, is confident that Sistemas Inelme will help the company expand its blade business in the region. “Sistemas Inelme is well positioned to be successful selling our blades regardless of the economic climate,” said Nolin. “We felt that partnering with them made perfect sense given their solid track record, expertise and reputation in the industry.”

Sistemas Inelme developed its first ink concentration control system (SICCT) in 1996. The company followed with other equipment innovations including automatic washing systems, ink dispensing machines, two-component glue mixers, laser anilox cleaning systems and doctor blade chambers. The company is recognized as a leader in the global flexo market.

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Acerca de Flexo Concepts
Con sede en Plymouth, Massachusetts, Flexo Concepts™ fabrica TruPoint™ doctor rasquetas, el sistema TruPoint™ QuikWash™ y wash-up rasquetas, y los sistemas de limpieza de anilox en seco MicroClean™. Todos los productos están diseñados para mejorar la calidad de impresión y reducir los costes operativos de los impresores flexográficos y offset. Flexo Concepts™ mantiene centros de distribución en Norteamérica, Sudamérica, Europa, Asia, África y Australia. Para más información sobre la empresa y sus productos visite

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