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Dan Spurling
Dan Spurling
Director de producción digital

"Our experience with Flexo Concepts has been nothing but exceptional. They have gone the extra mile to find a solution to our challenges. We highly recommend the plastic blades over metal. Plastic blades have a much longer lifespan and they are much safter to handle."

Jeancarlo Filho
Jeancarlo Filho
Director de Operaciones

"El equipo de Flexo Concepts es extremadamente servicial, me ayudaron durante todo el proceso de compra. Incluso siendo de Brasil, no me costó nada comprarles".

Eric Milan
Eric Milan
Jefe de producción

"TruPoint Orange Doctor Blades from Flexo Concepts are the game changer we've all been looking for. From a safety standpoint it is a win-win. No more sharp steel blades to worry about. Whether you are using chambered doctor blade systems or open pans with doctor blade holders, you will want to give these a try!"