As the label and packaging markets evolve, printers need products that can keep up. TruPoint Orange offers a versatile doctor blade solution that delivers high-quality graphics, keeps presses running longer, reduces waste and solves common pressroom problems in a single doctor blade product.

Orange meters like a steel doctor blade

TruPoint Orange delivers the metering performance of a steel doctor blade in highly demanding graphics applications. The next-generation polymer material together with an advanced MicroTip® edge allows the blade to achieve a fine contact area with the anilox roll and deliver effective wiping on line screens up to 785 L/cm. Due to the tip design, the small contact area is maintained throughout the life of the blade, and metering is consistent for the duration of the print job.

Orange eliminates UV spitting

ink spitting steel doctor blades vs plastic doctor bladesWhen used to apply UV inks and coatings, TruPoint Orange is strong enough to withstand the force of these higher-viscosity formulas without flexing – even at high press speeds. Its controlled metering keeps the ink from sliding underneath the blade and spraying or “spitting’ onto the web and surrounding area. The material also has a lower surface tension than steel, decreasing the attraction of the ink to the blade and allowing a smoother transfer to the plate.

Orange is a good option for white decks and specialty coatings

Applying inks and coatings that contain titanium dioxide, metallic, glitter, sand or other large particles requires a tough, durable doctor blade that can stand up to their harsh properties and the coarse anilox surfaces required to transport them. The TruPoint Orange blade not only effectively meters these formulas, but the blade material resists their abrasive and corrosive properties, so it also offers superior longevity in these environments.

Orange is safe and lasts longer

The next generation polymer material that TruPoint Orange is constructed from retains the blade life and safety benefits that distinguish plastic doctor blades from steel. The material is self-lubricating, with a low coefficient of friction to resist mechanical wear, so blade life is extended in every application and presses can run longer. Even the worn blades will not damage anilox rolls or cut operators when handling them.

MicroTip doctor blade edge lamella doctor bladeOrange thickness and MicroTip can be customized

TruPoint Orange blades are available in thicknesses ranging from .7mm to 1.25mm to offer varying degrees of stiffness, rigidity and deflection. Add to this a variety of MicroTip profiles and these blades can be customized for a “perfect fit.”

With options that can be tailored to fit every application, TruPoint Orange with MicroTip edge technology at once presents a versatile, safe and “problem-solving” doctor blade option for the narrow web pressroom. Choosing Orange to reduce blade changes, waste, mess and injuries can not only simplify the job of the press operator but also significantly enhance the printer’s bottom line.

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