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TruPoint Doctor Blades
Sample Request

At Flexo Concepts, we are extremely confident in the performance of our products and encourage you to test them in your application. We always welcome the opportunity to provide a sample of a TruPoint™ doctor blade. To take advantage of this offer, please complete the form below and we will be happy to process your request.

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TruPoint™ Doctor Blades
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Qty. Material Width Thickness Length* Edge
Example: 2 UltraFlex 1.5" x .015" x 52.5" Bevel 15 Degree

* All of our blade samples come cut-to-length so please be sure to provide us with the exact length of your blade.

Learn more about our TruPoint™ Doctor Blades.

MicroClean™ Anilox Roll Cleaning System
Contact me so I can learn more about the MicroClean™ Anilox Roll Cleaning System.

While we are happy to provide you with samples of our products at no charge, we ask that you pay the freight costs. Please indicate your preferred shipping method and account number. If you would prefer, you may select "UPS Ground" with no account number and we will invoice you for the shipping costs

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