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MicroClean Anilox Cleaning Service
Our anilox roll cleaning service is the perfect solution for printers who maintain multiple ceramic and chrome anilox rolls and wish to obtain the incredible benefits of the MicroClean™ System without the capital investment. Send your anilox roll to us for a thorough cleaning and we'll return it to you to be placed back into inventory ready for future use. Storing clean anilox rolls is a smart way to preserve your investment and reduce downtime for cleaning.


1. Improve Product Consistency
Plugged cells on your anilox roll have a direct impact on your product quality. Make MicroClean a part of your regular maintenance program to ensure coating consistency.

2. Save Thousands of Dollars
Avoid expensive re-engraving costs by deep cleaning your rolls. In most cases, our roll cleaning service will cost less than 10% of the price to re-engrave.

3. Maximize Press Up-Time
Send us your plugged rolls for cleaning and we'll return them restored to their original volume in just days. Minimize downtime and eliminate the mess and hassle of on-press cleaning.


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Customer Testimonials

"It was an easy decision to continue using the MicroCleanTM roll cleaning service after we saw one of our unusable rolls restored to like-new condition. We shipped out our second roll to be cleaned today."
Joey Dowding
Mainline Printing