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MicroClean™ Anilox Cleaning System
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While clean plates, ink pumps and other press parts are important, effective cleaning of anilox rolls is essential in the pressroom. As the demands and expectations of customers continue to increase, a printer's ability to deliver precise, consistent, and predictable volumes of ink to a substrate has become critical; even the slightest variation can result in poor, inconsistent print quality and costly rejections. Clean anilox rolls deliver more consistent color densities, resulting in better quality print jobs, less press downtime and optimal productivity. Improper anilox care will quickly diminish the value of the anilox roll and require premature re-engraving.

The MicroClean™ system is an off-press, enclosed anilox roll cleaning system which uses specially designed plastic pellets to gently remove dried inks and coatings. Fine polymer beads are applied under air pressure to pick the dried matter from the anilox engraving, restoring cells to their original volume. Unlike other cleaning media and chemicals, the MicroClean™ Media will not damage anilox rolls when used under recommended circumstances. This method has been shown to do a thorough job of cleaning both ceramic and chrome rolls with high line counts repeatedly without damage to the cells. The system operates completely without chemicals or consuming fresh water. Furthermore, our media is recyclable, making MicroClean™ the lowest per-roll cost cleaning method of any on the market today.

In addition to its economic and "green" benefits, MicroClean™ is also a safer alternative to other anilox cleaning methods. The enclosed system contains built-in safety controls and generates no dust or harsh chemicals which could compromise workplace safety.

Our MicroClean Anilox Roll Cleaning Service is available to printers who want to get the benefits of the MicroClean technology without making the investment or to test the equipment before purchasing a unit.

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Customer Testimonials

"Now that we're using the MicroClean System to clean our anilox rolls, we're able to run an extra 80,000 pounds of film a year because of less time spent color matching."
Dean Squires
Roplast Industries