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Deliver Consistent Color: Treat yourself and the world around you to the next generation of anilox roll cleaning.  MicroClean utilizes a dry plastic media that allows you to effortlessly clean ink from your anilox rolls without harming the enviroment or delicate anilox cells. Set yourself apart with a smarter solution for cleaning anilox rolls - MicroClean™ by Flexo Concepts.

Coating & Laminating
As the coating and laminating industry becomes increasingly more complex, tighter control over coat weights must be maintained. Clean anilox rolls are essential to deliver uniform coating coverage and consistent quality. The MicroClean™ dry media anilox cleaning system deep cleans anilox cells to restore volume without damaging the engraving.This eco-friendly system uses a recyclable plastic media and produces no chemical waste, making MicroClean™ the lowest cost-per-roll cleaning system on the market. MicroClean™ is the ideal anilox cleaning method for the coating & laminating industry to ensure even coverage and consistent quality in the finished product.

Selecting the correct doctor blade is also critical to guarantee product quality and consistency. TruPoint™ plastic and composite doctor blades provide effective metering on a full range of anilox line screens and are superior to steel in terms of performance, safety and blade life. TruPoint™ blades can withstand today's abrasive coatings and have extended blade life for greater press up-time and consistency.

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Customer Testimonials

"Now that we're using the MicroClean System to clean our anilox rolls, we're able to run an extra 80,000 pounds of film a year because of less time spent color matching."
Dean Squires
Roplast Industries