Superior Blade LifeNo Anilox ScoringSafe to HandleHigh Graphic Capabilities
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Corrugated Doctor Blade Selection

TruPoint Orange

Corrugated printers struggling with high-graphics were looking for a blade that offered increased stiffness, superior blade life, and durability. We answered their call with TruPoint Orange, bringing our trademarked MicroTip Technology has delivered heightened performance in each of these categories, as well as significantly improved safety over the steel alternative.

TruPoint DuraPoint

For corrugated printers producing moderate graphics but looking for longer blade life, TruPoint DuraPoint is the blade for you. This innovative, next-generation UHMW doctor blade delivers significantly increased press uptime, superior blade life, and allows for more consistent metering throughout the life of the blade for increased graphics requirements.

TruPoint UHMW

Our original polyethylene doctor blade was developed in our innovation lab to deliver reduced anilox scoring and extended blade life. It raised the bar for the corrugated printing industry and continues to outperform the competition around the world.



“DuraPoint gives us better performance in both print quality and durability. Our operators appreciate not having to change blades as often and the DuraPoint blades have saved us time and money.  I’m sure that your blades will be our number one choice.”

Norman J. BallPlant Engineer - Elgin Corrugated Box