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Flexo Concepts team members are doctor blade experts & anilox roll cleaning specialists. Since 1988, Flexo Concepts has served the needs of flexographic and sheetfed offset printers with solutions that improve print quality, lower costs, reduce anilox damage and enhance safety.

Doctor Blades Anilox Roll Cleaning
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TruPoint Orange Doctor Blades

TruPoint™ High-Performance Doctor Blades

TruPoint doctor blades are manufactured from a variety of materials and engineered to achieve optimal performance requirements. Learn how TruPoint doctor blades provide a cost effective replacement for steel in a large range of flexographic and sheetfed offset applications.


TruPoint™ QuikWash System

This innovative wash-up blade system dramatically improves wash-up performance and reduces wash-up times and solvent consumption by up to 50%. Learn how our QuikWash System improves wash-up times, keeps rollers running longer and saves money.

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Arrow IconTruPoint QuikWash System & Wash-Up Blades

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