Solutions For Lithium-Ion Battery Production

In Separator Film Manufacturing, Electrode Coatings Application, and Calendar Roll Cleaning, the common thread is the need for a plastic doctor blade. The utilization of steel doctor blades poses risks to the lithium-ion production process and the final product’s safety. With steel blades, the gradual wear introduces metallic micro-particles, causing contamination that can lead to thermal runaway. This, in turn, jeopardizes the storage and performance of lithium-ion batteries.

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Lithium-Ion Battery Production Process

Eliminate Steel Doctor Blade Particles When Manufacturing

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常见医生刀片 配置

Although lithium batteries are a new technology, the methods being used for applying coatings during their production process are time tested. Both reverse angle and positive-angle metering blade configurations are used In either direction, high performance polymers with great stiffness and wear properties are required to coat consistently and reduce the number of blade changes.

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TRUpoint医生刀片 优势

Plastic doctor blades — inert and non-conductive materials that guarantee a seamless and safe production process for your lithium-ion applications. Flexo Concepts produces a number of doctor blade products ideal for production of high-quality Lithium-ion batteries.

TRUpointKeon 医生刀片

医生刀片 是用于高速、高温和腐蚀性化学品的精英产品。

TRUpointPolylam 医生刀片

Thin, stiff and has good resistance to various chemical and coating formulas.

TRUpoint 边缘医生刀片

终极钢材替代品具有卓越的硬度和 无与伦比的刀片寿命。

TRUpointOrange 医生刀片



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