Solutions for Digital Printing

As digital printing continues to become a larger part of the overall print landscape, the use of inline primers also grows. Inline priming allows for a wider range of substrates to be printed on directly. In addition, coatings are used more than ever for product protection, visual embellishment, or even tactile effects. With both priming and coating, machine operators will find themselves using a doctor blade to manage the transfer of these solutions to the blank substate or finished product. 

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Many of the largest OEMs in the digital print space suggest their customers use plastic doctor blades when metering primers or coatings. While bringing brilliance to the printed product, these primer and coating formulations can beat up on the doctor blade. That’s because they contain relatively large particulates embedded into the liquid. These cause abrasions to traditional steel doctor blades and make for frequent blade changes. But advanced, thicker plastics can deflect these particulates more effectively and offer significantly improved blade life. 

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Because priming and coating applications typically call for higher volume aniloxes, specifying the right doctor blade is especially important. When using traditional steel, the wider cell openings can create metal shavings that contaminate the primer or coating. It also causes premature wear or damage to the anilox itself. But specially designed, broader tip plastics eliminate both issues. You get a smoother laydown, less friction, and higher performance out of your primer or coating. 

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The TruPoint Doctor Blade Advantage

TruPoint Orange has become the standard in the world of digital priming and coating. OEMs and end users alike have implemented TruPoint doctor blades to maximize efficiencies in the pressroom. For the most complex priming and coating applications, our newest innovation TruPoint Keon, provides both improved metering consistency and longer blade life when compared to steels or other plastics. 

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Un cuchilla de élite utilizado para alta velocidad, altas temperaturas y productos químicos agresivos.

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La alternativa definitiva al acerorigidez superior y una y una vida útil inigualable.

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The Industry standard for plastic blades – Excellent performance, safety, and stiffness.

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