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TruPoint: &quote;Since switching to the TruPoint DuraPoint doctor blades we've been getting a better wipe on our anilox. The blades are more durable resulting in fewer blade changes saving us time and money.&quote; -Carlos Mejias, Smurfit-Stone Container

TruPoint™ Plastic Doctor Blades
With growing graphics requirements and economic pressures, selecting the correct doctor blade for your application is critical to ensure the delivery of a consistent ink or coating film thickness to the printing plate. Doctor Blade choice depends on factors as simple as the purpose of the blade, whether for metering or containing, and as complex as graphic requirements, print, viscosity, substrate, anilox surface, temperature, speed, run length, and safety. While achieving maximum doctor blade life is important, selecting the correct blade for your application is crucial to prevent inferior print quality, accelerated doctor blade wear, and anilox damage.

TruPoint™ Plastic Doctor Blades are an economical and practical substitute for steel for applications in the wide-web, mid-web, narrow-web, corrugated, envelope, offset, specialty coating, and newspaper markets. TruPoint™ Doctor Blades are manufactured from various plastic and composite materials and engineered to an infinite number of size and profile combinations according to performance requirements. TruPoint™ blades have outperformed their steel counterparts in high speed, high temperature and high abrasion applications, and for the highest quality graphic reproduction. TruPoint™ doctor blades outlast steel by up to four times; longer doctor blade life means fewer blade changes, less downtime and increased productivity. Reduced anilox scoring and workplace injury add up to substantial cost savings. Backed by a 100% guarantee, TruPoint™ Plastic Doctor Blades are the smarter solution for flexographic and offset printers everywhere.

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Customer Testimonials

"TruPoint™ DuraPoint gives us better performance in both print quality and durability. Our operators appreciate not having to change blades as often, and the DuraPoint has saved us time and money -- Your doctor blades will be our number one choice."
Norman J. Ball
Temple Inland Paperboard