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TruPoint: &quote;I’ve worked at Lithographics for 20 years and the new TruPoint QuikWash System is awesome. Blade installation is much faster and wash-up time has been reduced from 5 minutes to only about a minute. I am amazed.&quote; -Brian Barger, Lithographics

TruPoint™ QuikWash System
This innovative wash-up blade system dramatically improves wash-up performance and reduces wash-up times and solvent consumption by up to 50%. The custom-designed aluminum clamp attaches to your existing wash-up tray and uses Flexo Concepts' exclusive TruPoint DeltaFlex plastic wash-up blade. DeltaFlex is constructed from a durable, rigid material that enables it to achieve and maintain a fine contact point with the roller. It is this fine contact point that results in more efficient wiping and wash-ups that can be completed in half the time. In addition, DeltaFlex blades have superior chemical resistance to harsh washes and are compatible with all ink types including UV.

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  Featuring: TruPoint QuikWash System and Lithographics Inc.

TruPoint QuikWash System Benefits:
  • Reduces wash-up times by up to 50%
  • Effectively cleans UV and other harsh solvents
  • Cleans oscillating roller uniformly
  • Eliminates tack caused by rubber tip blades
  • Extends blade and roller life
  • Reduces blade costs
  • Simplifies blade changes
  • Mounts to existing wash-up tray on most sheetfed & webfed offset press models

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Customer Testimonials

"Since installing the QuikWash System, our wash-up times have been reduced to less than two minutes and the quality of the wash-up is far superior to that of a traditional rubber blade."
George Saba,
Pressroom Manager
Everett Graphics