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Protect Your Investment: Treat yourself and the world around you to the next generation of safe anilox cleaning. The MicroClean System effectively cleans ink from your anilox rolls and sleeves using a gentle plastic media that won't damage the delicate anilox engraving. Preserving your anilox integrity not only safeguards your capital investment but also your most precious asset - your customers' satisfaction. Protect what's important to you with a smarter solution for anilox cleaning - MicroClean by Flexo Concepts.

Newspaper Flexo
The newspaper industry requires doctor blades that can endure high press speeds and long runs; therefore, selecting the correct doctor blade is critical to maximize press uptime and maintain efficiency. TruPoint™ plastic and composite doctor blades provide effective metering on a full range of anilox line screens and are superior to steel in terms of performance, safety and blade life. TruPoint™ blades' extended blade life is ideal for newspaper applications to withstand a demanding pressroom environment and minimize downtime.

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Customer Testimonials

"Now that we're using the MicroClean System to clean our anilox rolls, we're able to run an extra 80,000 pounds of film a year because of less time spent color matching."
Dean Squires
Roplast Industries