Wash Up Solutions for Offset

TruPoint Wash-up Blades

Speed is essential during the wash-up process, and our composite wash-up blades deliver speed no other product can match. With a finer contact point to optimize wiping performance across the entire length of the oscillating roller, TruPoint Wash-Up Blades deliver superior wash-up performance in half the time of our competitors’ products.

Safe to HandleSuperior Blade LifeNo Anilox ScoringCompatible with UV and Specialty Coatings Coating Consistency
TruPoint OrangeIcon Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon Check
TruPoint UltraflexIcon Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon Check
TruPoint Polyester
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Coating Blades for Offset

TruPoint Orange

Nothing represents Flexo Concepts innovation like our TruPoint Orange Next Generation Doctor Blades. Developed in our Innovation Lab by the Flexo Concepts design team, TruPoint Orange outperforms steel blades in virtually every category, with longer life (up to 4x), enhanced precision, significantly reduced anilox wear and scoring, and much more.

TruPoint™ UltraFlex

These industry-leading fiberglass composite doctor blades deliver a thin weave for added stiffness and extended blade life with long runs. They’re safer to handle than our competition, offer superior blade life and reduced scoring, as well as remarkable coating consistency.

Based on the challenges of working with some of the California compliant washes and there tendency’s to leave oily residue it is essential that the rollers be completely free of roller wash. After the installation of the Quikwash System our wash-up times where reduced to in most cases to less than 2 min and the quality of the wash up was far superior to that of a traditional rubber blade. We have also found that the wash-up blades no longer need to stay with a specific unit to work well. Thank you for an outstanding product.

G SabaPressroom Manager - Everett Graphics