Safe to HandleNo Anilox ScoringSuperior Blade LifeHigh Graphic CapabilityEliminate UV Ink Spitting
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TruPoint Orange

Nothing represents Flexo Concepts innovation like our TruPoint Orange Next Generation Doctor Blades. Developed in our Innovation Lab by the Flexo Concepts design team, TruPoint Orange outperforms traditional steel blades in virtually every category, with longer life, enhanced precision, significantly reduced anilox wear and scoring, increased safety, and much more.



“I recommend TruPoint Orange doctor blades to any customer dealing with anilox scoring and UV ink spitting.  Orange is an excellent all around blade and has exceeded my expectations,”

John ChristiansenManager of Mark Andy University

“We wanted to improve print quality on our Mark Andy press while protecting our anilox roll investment, that’s why we converted to TruPoint Orange doctor blades.”

Rob BignellProduction Manager; Lorpon Labels