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Get In Touch With Your Anilox Rolls

Regular inspection of your anilox surface is a smart way to monitor wear and control
coating consistency.

Anilox cells are too small to see with the naked eye. However, using an inspection tool such as a
roll scope will allow you to examine the cells and give you insight into how the roll is performing.

The anilox cell's job is to fill with a fixed volume of coating and release the same volume of coating
to the sheet. Controlling this volume of coating is vital to ensure consistent coating
Over time dried coating deposits, anilox surface wear and damage to the roll can diminish
the capacity of the cells and have a direct impact on coating quality.

  anilox surface  
magnified anilox surface

Picture an anilox cell like a cup. If deposits have built up on the bottom of the cup, the cup's capacity for additional volume is reduced. Likewise, if the sides of the cup have been worn down, the cup's capacity for additional volume is reduced. Using a roll scope to inspect anilox cells can help you determine if cleaning or resurfacing is necessary to regain cell volume and restore coating consistency.